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Joe Vitale

Chef Joe Vitale says, “I specialize in California cuisine with an infusion of different cuisines, paired with local seasonal products found here in California.  The seasonal aspect of foods found locally brings the best produce, the best flavor and the best price to the table.  It doesn’t matter if I am cooking for a small intimate party or catering a group of three hundred, people are more aware of quality fresh food.  In the kitchen, the way I look at it, you live to eat and eat to live.  It’s a huge responsibility to feed people.  Why not have the best products available?

Vitale continues, “I remember getting citrus at Christmas and it was a big deal because that was the time of year citrus became available.  Everything has its time of year; cherries in the spring, corn in midsummer, melons the end of summer and squash in the fall.  The changing of seasons brings the arrival of new produce and that’s exciting.  I couldn’t imagine making butternut squash raviolis every day.  Shopping at a farmer’s market keeps a menu creative and light.  You can create dishes as you walk around and see what is available.

“In catering, the venue and the menus are ever-changing.  This allows our kitchen staff to express our cooking abilities in so many ways.  There’s an evolution in how people approach food today.  We’re going back to the roots of food and getting back to the simple necessities of life.”



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